Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Making Money in Difficult Times II -Evergreen Solar (ESLR)

UPDATE: Tech Trader Daily has comments on ESLR.
In the first installment of "How to Make Money in Difficult Times" we pointed out:
[from MarketBeat]...This environment is good news for a trader with the agility of Spider-Man and the mathematical chops of Steven Hawking, but for everyone else, it can be frustrating. “When you have such volatility it’s a great environment for traders, assuming you’re smart enough to be on the right side of a trade, but it’s much harder for everyone else,”>>>MORE
Which is exactly what I was getting at in the last post (FSLR) with:
...I want to make plain that Climateer Investing was not intended to be a trading tips blog but:

a) In this market it is one of the few things that seems to be working. You have to be nimble, it is a bear market, that means the trend will tend to be down.

b) It's something I've been doing for a while. At minimum, I'll try to steer you clear of bankruptcies, frauds and other really bad things....
Just so you're under no illusions that I actually am Steven Hawking...

Yesterday morning reacting to the bad Lehman news on ESLR:

This is a buy at $4.10 down 10%.
The stock is trading at $4.77 up 16% in a day with the DJIA down 330.
Be nimble, be smart, remember what we said September 5:

...So we can look for a bounce but think of these names as a trade; bear markets can suck you in. When I first came to the market, one of the older traders told me he was saved in the '73-'74 bear by a cartoon:
(click to enlarge)

That's Alfred Frueh's January 16, 1932 New Yorker classic, "Just around the Corner", commenting on President Hoover's statement that "Prosperity is just around the corner".