Friday, September 12, 2008

Cramer Loves First Solar, Climateer says "Book 'em Dano"

UPDATE: We have some related thoughts immediately above.
On Wednesday we posted

September 9, 2008
Analysts and First Solar (FSLR) A short-term buy

The stock closed that day at $200.26. It opened Thursday at $201.50 and traded as low as $195.50 so I'm going to assume that anyone who wanted to could have owned it at $200.00 (plus, round numbers are just so much easier at the end of the week).

Last night posted "'Mad Money Lightning Round': First Solar Shines":
...First Solar (FSLR Quote - Cramer on FSLR - Stock Picks): "I like the technology and I'm a buyer of First Solar. No matter who wins the election, solar's going to be an important part of our energy....
The stock was up a little bit more today but $215.64 up $5.64 seems like a fair price to book. The Cramer pop is a good note to exit on.

I want to make plain that Climateer Investing was not intended to be a trading tips blog but:

a) In this market it is one of the few things that seems to be working. You have to be nimble, it is a bear market, that means the trend will tend to be down.

b) It's something I've been doing for a while. At minimum, I'll try to steer you clear of bankruptcies, frauds and other really bad things.

c) 7 1/2 percent isn't huge but "He who fights and runs away...