Thursday, June 5, 2008

Wind in the Heartland: Kansas

One of our Low-I.Q. rules of investing is "Pay Attention".

A trend we've been following over the last ten or so days is the switch of public investor focus from solar to wind, a meme we've contributed to.*

Another blogger who seems to have picked up on this is Maril Hazlett at the Climate and Energy Project blog (you may remember her live-blogging marathon on the Kansas coal bills [I sent her an email threatening a nomination to the "Blogger Hall of Fame" or the more prestigious Climateer "Our Hero" award])
Some of CEP's posts over the last couple weeks:

June 4- News Updates: Climate change and agriculture, wind and economic development in Kansas
Wind turbine manufacturer coming to KS? We sure hope so. Governor Sebelius gave the opening address at the giant AWEA conference going on right now in Houston. She went out of her way to emphasize that Kansas was open for wind business. Quotable:...
June 3- Wind meeting coming up in Scott City

May 30- Legislative Updates: Wind gets dissed at sine die

May 30-Research and Resources: Updated wind map for Kansas!!!! (at 70 meters, and the findings are preliminary)
A very interesting post, required reading for direct investors and manufacturers.
May 28- News Updates: carbon regulation hits the Senate, grow your own, wind energy in KS, carbon dioxide and oil refineries

May 23- News Updates: Wind wind-up for your weekend

*Some of our recent wind posts:

"2007 Annual Report on U.S. Wind Power Installation, Cost, and Performance Trends"
Required reading for portfolio and direct investors
Dear GE, The Europeans are Coming: Siemens Energy picks Boulder for wind R&D center; Vestas Chooses Houston (SI; VWS.CO)

How to profit from climate change: an Ethical Corporation special report
Wind: Nordex to Invest $100 Million in U.S. Turbine Production
Wind: Tower Tech to add plants in S.D., Texas (BWEN.OB)
Who'll solve the wind turbine supply crisis? (Who are the Names to Know?)
Cramer’s Mad Money Wind Index (BWEN; KDN; MTZ; OC; OTTR; TRN)
T. Boone Pickens has Wind and Gas (CLNE)
First Trust Registers Wind ETF
In the wind-power biz, beware giving some stocks a whirl (ZOLT, AMSC)
Jim Cramer: Buy Natural Gas Now, Wind in 2009

And many more. Use the Blog Search box if you're interested.