Thursday, June 19, 2008

Solar Eye Candy: Nanosolar

Nanosolar has a video up of their high speed solar manufacturing technology printing thin film CIGS at the rate of 100 feet per minute. CEO Martin Roscheisen writes on the company blog:
...Our 1GW CIGS coater cost $1.65 million. At the 100 feet-per-minute speed shown in the video, that’s an astonishing two orders of magnitude more capital efficient than a high-vacuum process: a twenty times slower high-vacuum tool would have cost about ten times as much per tool.

Plus if we cared to run it even faster, we could. (The same coating technique works in principle for speeds up to 2000 feet-per-minute too. In fact, it turns out the faster we run, the better the coating!)

HT to earth2tech, from whom I swiped the eye candy line, they have further commentary.