Monday, June 30, 2008

Energy Politics; Saskatchewan Style

I received this in an email. I opened it. Then I tipped over in my chair. I'll be okay, if I can just stop laughing.
From Small Dead Animals:
...So if you would, Mr. Dion - copy this down and post it to your caucus' Energy Star fridge door;

1. Saskatchewan floats upon lakes of oil.
2. The beaches of those lakes are comprised of endless glistening dunes of coal.
3. Wafting over the scene are massive cumulous clouds of natural gas.
4. We have a population density of well under 2 persons per square km.

You see, Saskatchewan doesn't need no stinking giant fans. We don't need no stinking giant mirrors. We don't need no stinking puny hybrids. (We don't need no stinking nuclear power, for that matter, though we're positively glowing with that, too.)...

They have a map of the lakes, I'm not familiar enough with Sask. to identify the beaches and dunes. Talk about power politics.