Friday, June 27, 2008

Breakout for BTU: Technician buys Peabody Energy

This may be a bit late to the party, see our posts below. In particular, we've been comparing the performance of the Wilderhill Clean Energy ETF vs. BTU for a year now. Coal is the number one performer among the Dow Jones industry groups.
From Blogging Stocks:

"Coal miner Peabody Energy Corp. (NYSE: BTU) looks hot," says Leo Fasciocco, who focuses on stocks that have broken out from technical basing patterns.

In his The Ticker Tape Digest, he explains, "The stock rose above its break points of $81.20, hitting a new high." He adds, "With net set to surge 70% this year, we see an upside target of $105 per share."

"Peabody, based in St. Louis, is a major producer of coal with annual revenues of $4.7 billion. BTU's coal fuels more than 10% of U.S. electricity generation and 2% worldwide....MORE

Climateer Investing on Peabody:

April 19, 2007
Moral Judgment On 'Sin Stocks' Means Higher Returns For Vice-Friendly Investors

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Big Coal vs. Wilderhill Clean Energy (BTU; PBW)

Peabody has out performed clean energy by 50 percentage points in the last six months.
Via BigCharts:

Note: the outperformance is now over 60 percentage points!