Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Performance Update: Ten Speculations for 2008

Tom Konrad is back at AltEnergyStocks with his humble and lovable style. Come on Tom, you crushed the benchmarks, you left them in your dust, you...pardon me, six losses and four profits. But what profits they were!
(this was the spec portfolio with spec portfolio results, two of the winners made the whole thing work) From AltEnergyStocks:
This is the first of a short series of articles I plan, reviewing how my stock recommendations have been doing this year. I started the year bringing you 10 Alternative Energy Stocks I thought were worth speculating on for 2008, and I'll start this review with those articles, and also give you updates on what's been happening (or not) with the stocks. Click on the company name a link to the original article where I wrote about the stock.

Overall, a portfolio with equal dollar positions in these ten stocks is up 11.4% for the year, compared to the S&P 500 which is down 4.2% and the NASDAQ Clean Edge US Index, which is down approximately 14.3% (I took the number from CELS, the ETF which tracks the index, since I could not find up-to-date index values) since the start of the year.

#10 Cree, Inc. (NasdaqGS:CREE) Dec 27, 2007: $23.50; June 9, 2008: $25.85 (up 10%).

Cree shot up as high as $35 early in the year, on buy-out speculation. There was also a quick bump when their transistors were used as part of a record breaking solar inverter. While a quick profit on a buy-out might be nice, the fundamentals and growing consumer interest in LEDs mean that I'm happy I didn't sell at the peak....MORE
Tom had another top ten that was a bit closer to investment grade "Ten Solid Clean Energy Companies to Buy on the Cheap" including "Ten Solid Clean Energy Companies to Buy on the Cheap: #1 Johnson Controls Inc... " which we wrote up as:

"Al Gore, Tom Konrad and Climateer Investing Agree: Johnson Controls (JCI)" in one of our eight posts on JCI.