Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Al Gore, Tom Konrad and Climateer Investing Agree: Johnson Controls (JCI)

Between the three of us we have half a Nobel prize
(and a Primetime Emmy).
Looking at one of Mr. Gore's Generation Investment Management's 13F filings we said:
...The portfolio doesn't seem exceptionally green, although I like Johnson Controls and the biggest position is GE (among the Ecomagination businesses: Enron's wind business and the new hybrid locomotive, HT: Treehugger)
JCI is now the largest position in GIM's portfolio.

Here's Tom Konrad, writing at AltEnergyStocks:

Ten Solid Clean Energy Companies to Buy on the Cheap: #1 Johnson Controls, Inc. (JCI)
Johnson Controls (NYSE:JCI) has long been one of my favorite energy efficiency picks, with an added bonus coming from their joint venture with Saft to produce batteries for hybrid and electric vehicles. They have also shown some energy saving innovation making parts for auto interiors.

Building Efficiency

Efficient buildings are much more complex than simply replacing inefficient HVAC and lighting with more efficient versions. Quite often, the most cost effective measures come from using systems more efficiently. As an analogy to the home, look at any list of quick tips for energy saving around the home. This list of ten steps on Squidoo includes five tips for using existing equipment more wisely (programming your thermostat, cleaning air filters, loading your dishwasher fully, and only using the dryer when you can't air-dry.) Considering Squidoo is quite clearly trying to make money by referring people to Amazon to buy products, it's all the more significant that half of the steps need not involve buying anything....MORE

Between the three of us we've also got a "Webby" and have been a presenter at the Emmy's.