Wednesday, June 4, 2008

An Honest Look at Green-Collar Job Claims

Rich Sweeny, posting at Common Tragedies asks the Question of the day:

If we really can create new, high paying jobs with government policy, and if voters really think this is a good thing to do, then why do the advocates of such a policy need to hide behind the auspices of tackling global warming?

As Kevin Doyle recently wrote on Grist, “the drumbeat of interest in green-collar jobs just keeps getting louder.” Too loud, in my opinion. I say this not because I hate green collar jobs (I work in one, I think), but because I’m concerned first and foremost with tackling climate change, and fear that this ill-considered, possibly misleading rhetoric about green jobs could end up doing more harm than good....

...Instead I’ll just list the causes of my apprehension about the viability of a marriage between jobs and climate change....

1. Creating jobs isn’t categorically desirable....
2. Green jobs <> new jobs.
3. We don’t need to talk about “green jobs” in order to pass comprehensive climate legislation.

Follow the link for his thinking.