Monday, June 2, 2008

GE sees solar becoming $1 bln business

On Friday we said FRSL might want to look over their shoulder at AMAT. Now they might want to look over the other shoulder.
From Reuters via The Guardian:

General Electric Co expects its nascent solar-energy business to hit the $1 billion annual revenue mark over the next three years or so, the head of its energy arm said on Monday.

"I'm very optimistic about solar. I think it will be a billion-dollar business for GE sooner rather than later," said John Krenicki, president and chief executive of GE Energy, which has businesses ranging from gas turbines to nuclear power to windmills.

Asked about how long it would take the solar arm to hit that mark, Krenicki told the Reuters Global Energy Summit: "In a three-year time horizon, which is kind of our planning period right now."

The unit currently has over $100 million in revenues....MORE