Wednesday, April 9, 2008

US warns worsening economy could hit climate change battle

If you missed the story last week, this is an example of why we try to give a macro overview to what is ostensibly a blog focused on climate-related investment opportunities; everything is connected.
Plus, I know something about this stuff.
From the Sydney morning Herald:

The United States warned Thursday a worsening economy could hit the funds it gives poor nations to fight global warming, as African activists appealed for major polluters to commit one percent of GDP.

More than 160 countries are meeting in Bangkok to lay the groundwork for a deal on combating climate change after the landmark Kyoto Protocol's commitments to slash greenhouse gas emissions run out in 2012.

But rich and poor nations remained at loggerheads a day before the week-long session is set to end.

Chief US negotiator Harlan Watson urged delegates to look at the "very troublesome situation" in the global economy.

"It is going to be a factor that's going to hang over these negotiations," he said.

He criticised calls for the governments of rich countries to channel help on climate change through the United Nations, saying the private sector was better suited to the task.

"We have to get real," Watson said. "We're talking trillions of US dollars. We're not exactly talking chump change.">>>MORE