Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Presidential Candidate Environmentalism: Just the Tree of Us

From Newsweek:

Driven by public concern, all the candidates agree that action is needed to slow global warming. No matter who's elected, America's policy will be different a year from now....MORE

HT: The Columbia Journalism Review (online) who headlined their post:

Big Play for Candidates’ Green Cred
Press revives environment’s role in the campaign…sort of

And continues with a very readable post:

The environment’s importance to the presidential campaign hit a fresh zenith, media coverage-wise, yesterday, with a Newsweek cover that asks, “Who’s the Greenest of Them All?”

The article, by veteran science reporter Jerry Adler, revives, to certain extent, the national media’s attention to candidates’ eco-credentials. The story is part of Newsweek’s Environment and Leadership issue and April’s now regular wave of magazine Green Issues. “The environment, which typically ranks somewhere around ‘regulatory reform’ among voters’ concerns,” Adler writes, “has emerged as a leading issue in this election.”>>>MORE