Tuesday, April 8, 2008

NY pensions to put $500 million in "green" tech: DiNapoli

From Reuters:

New York State's pension fund will invest $500 million in green ventures, including clean technology and renewable energy, over the next three years, the state comptroller said on Monday.

Thomas DiNapoli, a Democrat, who runs the pensions, said in a statement: "It's not just about doing good for the environment; going green is good for the bottom line too."

Last month during the WSJ's big ECO:nomics shindig the WSJ's Environmental Capital blog had a post,
How Much Green Do Shareholders Want?:

...Mindy Lubber, runs a $5 trillion coalition of investors pushing companies to come clean on what climate change means for them—and how they plan to deal with it in the future.
On a stage together for the first time at The Wall Street Journal’s “ECO:nomics” conference today in California—well-separated, for certain—the two shareholder gadflys painted a radically different picture of what shareholders should care about today. Judging just by the money they manage—and the wholly unscientific applause-meter from the crowd—it seems Ms. Lubber’s CERES coaltion is so far carrying the day.

Ms. Lubber, wearing a radiant green jacket, rejected suggestions she pesters anybody. Corporate boards have a “fiduciary duty to analyze risk,” she says. “We just want to know the scorecard on what has become a fundamental economic issue.” ...

I commented:

Three things:
1) Mr. Thapa, I fear you have mistaken Milloy for Lubber (or their respective positions) see next.
2) Where’s the “Mr. Milloy, resplendent in a COAL black Brioni sportcoat…”
3)Ceres members have $5,000,000,000,000 in (mainly) pension assets. They have invested $1,700,000,000 in renewable energy.If my abacus is working right, that is 1/30 of 1% of assets.Not exactly walking the walk.Surely they could have put 50 Bil. (1%) into wind farms?If T. Boone Pickens can commit up to $6 Bil. @ age 80…http://blogs.wsj.com/environmentalcapital/2007/09/19/keeping-up-with-t-boone/
Comment by Climateer - March 13, 2008 at 9:01 pm

I was typing too fast and forgot to add that the CERES INCR members are mainly public pension funds and union funds, which makes their failure to walk the walk a bit more hypocritical.
The New York State's pension fund is a member of CERES INCR.
The big dogs are CalPers and CalStrs with about $400 billion between them. AFSCME and the SEIU are two of the union members.

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