Monday, April 7, 2008

Hillary Clinton talks with Jim Cramer...And: Bill Clinton, private equity maven?

Two from Blogging Stocks, first Hil.:

Hillary Clinton appeared on Jim Cramer's Mad Money recently, and faced some pretty tough questions about the economy, financial markets and regulation.Senator Clinton shined. She came across as well-informed, and Cramer spent most of the interview agreeing with Ms. Clinton -- impressive given that he also spent an entire interview giving attaboys to Ron Paul.

Senator Clinton was also impressive in her discussion of executive compensation where she lashed out at excessive compensation without banging the populist drum that gets many Democrats a bad rap. She explained that executives should be rewarded for creating great wealth for shareholders and that the "pay for pulse" compensation at many of these financial companies threatens to kill the goose that laid the golden egg.Be sure to watch the video, regardless of what you think of Hillary: you'll probably be impressed. Watch the video here.

No tips on cattle futures, a lot of green/clean though.
Here's Bill:

The White House can certainly be a ticket to riches. Just look at Al Gore. Since leaving as vice president, he has made a bundle -- having been an early investor in Google and a board member of Apple.

And with the release with Bill and Hillary Clinton's tax returns, we are getting more data points.

Interestingly enough, it looks like Bill was a big-time private equity operator. That is, he snagged $15.4 million (since 2003) from Yucaipa Cos. That's certainly a big chunk of Bill's earnings (which amount to about $75 million during this period)....