Monday, April 14, 2008

Green Energy Sings the Blues: Credit Crunch Hits Clean Tech, Too

This is the second and last 'I told you so' post.
I've gotten feedback on some of the macro-econ. posts that say (paraphrased):
"All I want is inside information that I can trade for 1,000% overnight moves."
Ah yes, making money while you sleep, the great reward of capital.

More valuable is to hammer on the interconnectedness of everything with Chairman Mao as our guide:
...The reason, to paraphrase Chairman Mao's statement "The guerilla must move amongst the people as a fish swims in the sea" is that climate/energy investments swim in the larger sea of the markets....
Here are a few of our Mao reiterations (this one has the 56th stanza of Tennyson's "In memorium").

From Environmental Capital:

Here’s another sign the clean-energy sector is coming of age: It no longer lives a charmed life, but is getting gutpunched by the credit crisis just like the rest of us.

Preliminary investment numbers for the first quarter out today from New Energy Finance, London-based analysts that track clean technology investment, show how dwindling liquidity and roiled markets are affecting even the go-go sector.

Venture capital and private equity investments fell to $2.4 billion in the first quarter of 2008, from $3.7 billion in the first quarter last year. Private equity, in particular, tanked: First-quarter investment totaled $878 million, down from $2.5 billion a year earlier. “Partly, this was a reflection of the uncertainty and volatility in the financial markets and the drying up of credit availability,” New Energy Finance says....MORE