Monday, April 21, 2008

Five Short Ideas: Earth Day Edition

Tom Konrad at AltEnergyStocks offers up:

Stocks We Love to Hate
...clean energy (Renewable and Energy Efficiency) is my moral choices.

A Short Walk Down Wall Street

The investing decision does not have to stop there. In addition to buying stocks we like, we can also sell (short) the stocks we hate. There's a lot of truth in the caricature that environmentalists are much clearer about what we don't like (cars, mining, coal, pollution) than what we do. For instance, "organic" is typically defined by the processes which are not used (chemical fertilizers, GMOs, pesticides) rather than those that are....

Here's his list:
#5: Meat
#4: Globalization
#3: Urban Sprawl
#2: Coal & Oil Cos.
#1: Sport Utility Vehicles

Go to AES for the details.
(hey, that's a top ten co2 emitter!)