Tuesday, April 15, 2008

European Utilities: The Green Giants

From Greentechmedia:blogs-

The European power generation companies play Jean Girard to our Ricky Bobby. With their soccer sponsorships and modern art partnerships, to say nothing of their killer logos, the Eurotilities attain a certain level of cool that probably shouldn’t be associated with companies that develop and maintain energy systems and infrastructure. But the reason why they deserve this distinction, and the reason why I follow the German and Spanish financial pages like a teenage girl follows TMZ.com, is because the Eurotilities are major movers in the renewable energy space.

With 86.6 MW of installed renewable capacity and an additional 102.1 GW in the development pipeline, the eight leading Eurotilities and their subsidiaries and partners are having a much greater impact on creating markets for greentech than their American counterparts. These companies are also arguably more responsible for driving innovation in the greentech space than a good number of the startups we cover in these pages....

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HT: earth2tech