Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Climateer "Quote of the Day" Federal Reserve Edition

Via iTulip:
I have two problems but only one tool.

-Ben Bernanke
Testimony to the House Budget Committee
Jan. 16, 2008

Here's the etymology of 'testimony'. Although the Latin root for both 'witness' and 'testicle' is 'testis', it is unlikely that the ancient Romans grabbed their privates when swearing an oath.
Ben on the other hand...

1382, "the Ten Commandments," from L.L. testimonium (Vulgate), along with Gk. (Septuagint), translations of Heb. to martyrion'eduth "attestation, testimony" (of the Decalogue), from "witness."

Meaning "evidence, statement of a witness" first recorded 1432, from O.Fr. 'edtestimonie (11c.), from L. testimonium "evidence, proof, testimony," from testis "witness" (see testament) + -monium, suffix signifying "action, state, condition."