Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Big Oil: A DealBreaker Quiz

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The real inside joke is higher prices are exactly what is being prescribed for reducing carbon emissions.*
(ignoring inconvenient inelasticity)
From DealBreaker:

Chairman Ed Marke [sic]:
"Yesterday Americans saw that the price of gasoline hit a record high price."

"Today, on April Fool's day, consumers all over America are hoping that the top executives from the five largest oil companies will tell us that the soaring gas prices are just part of some elaborate hoax."

The temptation to play ad libs with such silliness in action is irresistible.
Chairman Ed Marke:

1. "For nearly eight years this administration's energy policy has [ ]"

A. ...languished in failure.
B. ...stuck its head in the sand.
C. ...ignored the writing on the wall.
D. ...been in the tank.

2. "The five companies sitting before us today netted a combined [ ] in profit in 2007."

A. $123 billion dollars
B. $56 billion dollars
C. Metric ass-ton
D. Imperial ass-ton
F. $265 billion dollars

3. "So on April fool's day the biggest joke of all is being played on [ ]">>>MORE

*Markey Wants to Subpoena EPA for Climate-Change Documents