Thursday, April 17, 2008

Bad Day Sunshine (SPWR)

From MarketBeat:

When is a 92% increase in revenue not enough to awaken investors? When that stock has already gained 168% since the beginning of 2007, is when.

SunPower Corp., one of the many hot (no pun intended) solar-related firms that have been running wild of late, boosted first-quarter revenue to $273.7 million from $142.3 million a year earlier. That figure not only surpassed the mean estimate for $245 million in revenue, but blew past even the most aggressive estimates. The same goes for the per-share earnings result — the company earned 39 cents a share (excluding certain amortization costs), bettering the 35-cent consensus as reported by Thomson Reuters....MORE

We would add that margins failed to satisfy, but maybe nothing would satisfy today, we're grouchy.