Saturday, April 19, 2008

Anagrams for carbon offsets

From the anagram server at Wordsmith:
Carbon Fests Of
Confabs Set For
Confabs Foster
Confab Frets So
Confab Forests
Confabs Fortes
Confab Fess Rot
Confab Serf Sot
Offbeats Scorn
Acorn Fobs Fest
Offbeat Scorns
Baronets Scoff
Baronet Scoffs
Batons Coffers
Castoffs Boner
Cobras Sent Off
Crab Offsets No
Bracts Eon Offs
Cabs Offer Tons
Scab Offer Snot
Absent Scoff Or
Bean Scoffs Rot
Bears Scoff Not
Barf Confess To
Nab Cost Offers
Ban Cos Efforts
Nabs Cost Offer
Bans Scoffer To
Bans Forces Oft
Boars Scent Off
Brats Scoff Eon
Bass Confer Oft
Stabs Coffer No
Face Fob Snorts
Facts Born Foes

And my fav: Cantor Fob Fess
You get the picture, there are 4873 of 'em, here are the first 1000.