Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Al Gore on Sale!!!

He got $250 and $500 a pop in Vancouver.
The ticket brokers want $130 to $407 for Radio City Music Hall.
But now you can see Al Gore for $37.50* for his May 4 engagement at the Value City Arena.
Tickets go on sale April 16 and at these prices won't last long.
See you in Columbus!

*That's lower than the price of one European Union Allowance. The EUA was recently trading at €25.05. Considering today's new record low of the dollar vs. the euro (last trade $1.5931:€1.00) that EUA is gonna cost you $39.90.
So for less than the cost of covering one tonne of your respired CO2 you could spend an hour with Al Gore!
The average person exhales approximately 900 grams of CO2 per day, that EUA would only cover 3 years/16 days of your breathing.
Or you can have 60 minutes with Al Gore!
Now that's value!
(sorry, no meet and greets possible at these prices)