Friday, January 11, 2008

UPDATE: EEStor and Lockheed Martin (LMT)

As a follow up on the EEStor/ LMT announcement, the site has an interview with Lionel Liebman, manager of Program Development – Applied Research at Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control:

Can you tell me what your announcement was today?
Lockheed Martin and EEStor are working together to find areas for integrating their technology to a variety of power management platforms we’re working on.

Is it a financial contract?
We’re not taking any sort of ownership of EEStor. It is an exclusive rights agreement to allow us to market these technologies to a very limited number of potential customers including homeland security and the defense markets.

Lockheed Martin builds fighter jets and military equipment?
And missiles, rockets, ground equipment, vehicles, and systems sensors. Obviously everything that requires power to operate. Power is becoming a sticking point or burden to the warfighter and that’s one of the things were focused on is coming up with solutions that make the warfighter’s job easier and more efficient.

Are you looking to develop portable energy storage for the battlefield?
Yes there are opportunities not only to help in the area of relieving some of the dependence on fuel as energy. Also to increase the value of some of the renewable energy initiatives that are going on right now. Energy storage increase the value of these types of power generation technologies. EEStor’s technology can help in that area.

What have you seen from EEStor in terms of their technology?
We’ve visited their facility. We were very impressed. They are taking an approach that lends itself to a very quick ramp-up in production. We’ve seen a lot of their testing and efforts to measure the purity of the powders that they use, and the chemistry. Well be working with them very closely this year to develop prototypes in certain pursuits....MORE

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