Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Climateer "Line of the Day"

Both of our contestants come to us via FT Alphaville:
...China should welcome the prospect of a stock market crash and financial meltdown, as a golden opportunity to push through reform....Source
And, it's not the quote but the comment that shows a deep understanding:

Smart Money? Well, at least Luskin has done the decent thing and apologised to his readers:

...Before I rant any further, let me get one item out of the way. I admit that I’ve been very wrong. I’ve been saying to buy stocks all the way down since the October highs. I was wrong. I repeat: I was wrong. If nothing else I get the satisfaction of being unique. How many stock market pundits do you know who will admit when they’ve been wrong?

  1. 9:24 Posted by pegnu [report]

    what an idiot