Thursday, January 24, 2008

Potash Corp. profit soars AND To Buy Back 5% of Stock - Jim Cramer is Bearish/Schizophrenic (POT; MOS)

From the Financial Post:
Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan Inc. rode huge global demand for commodities to a record earnings in the fourth quarter, doubling its bottom line from a year ago.

The company reported earnings of $376-million ($1.16 per share), compared with $186-million in the last quarter of 2006.

Full-year earnings also set a new record at $1.1-billion ($3.40 per share), a 72% rise from $632-million ($1.98 per share) in 2006. It was the fourth straight year the company reported record profit....MORE

From CNN Money:
Potash Corp. to Buy Back 5 Pct of Shares
Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan Inc. to Repurchase Up to 15.8 Million Shares Over One-Year Period

Jim Cramer on POT:

Bearish calls:

Potash (POT): 'Too hard right now. Agriculture is under tremendous pressure right here.'
Bullish calls:

Agrium (AGU): 'I still like Agrium (AGU) and Mosaic, but they're the old leaders, and they're going to be under a little pressure here.'

Mosaic (MOS)
From Reuters:
Study links pot to schizophrenia
Or it could just be a variation of the old tipster scam. You take a list of 100,000 names mail half a bullish opinion, half a bearish. From the 50,000 you were right on repeat the process. Repeat again for the 25,000 remaining. You now have 12,500 who believe you were right on three consecutive tips.
Offer to sell them your next pick for $100, book up to $1.25 mil. and skedaddle.