Monday, January 7, 2008

Help Wanted: Senior Analyst, Insurance/Carbon Finance

Via Ethical Corporation:
Innovest Strategic Value Advisors is seeking to fill the position of a Senior Analyst covering the global insurance sectors with an additional focus on carbon finance. The analyst would join the London research team and be responsible for research on and rating of companies in these sectors assesses environmental, social and governance performance. In addition, the analyst would be responsible for liaising with the carbon team managers and marketing on carbon-finance related business activities and product development.

  • MBA or related Economics degree.

  • 3 year commitment to the position.

  • A strong financial sector background with experience in environmental, social and governance issues.

  • Complete fluency with MS Excel and experience with database management.

  • Strong understanding of climate change science, policy developments, and carbon market structures.

  • Understanding of environmental and human capital issues from a corporate or policy background.

  • Expert fluency in written and spoken English with a focus on technical writing.

  • Solid public speaking ability.
Well, there goes that opportunity.