Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ensus Wheat Ethanol Plant Construction On Plan, Despite Odds

We had a mention of this plant in "Making Ethanol from Wheat is Stupid" (mighty fine rhetorical flourishes, eh?).

From Dow Jones via CattleNetwork:

Ensus, the company building one of the largest ethanol plants in Europe, said Tuesday that it is on course to get the plant producing by early 2009, despite record grain prices which have dented or scuppered other companies' projects.

In recent months companies constructing ethanol plants around the world using corn and wheat have cut production, delayed or scrapped plans, due the high grain prices.

Germany-based biofuel producer Verbio (VBK.XE) is cutting back ethanol production on the back of high grain prices. VeraSun Energy Corp. (VSE) is halting construction of a new biorefinery in the U.S., citing low ethanol prices combined with the high price of corn....MORE