Sunday, August 12, 2007

Sustainability of ecotrends in question

Elizabeth Corley, head of Allianz Global Investors Europe, raised a few eyebrows at the recent Fund Forum conference in Monaco when she announced that Allianz's EcoTrends fund has been soft closed to new investment and warned: "You could argue that eco trends could become another dotcom bubble".

Ms Corley followed up by stating that demand was so strong that Allianz could have doubled the size of the €1.5bn offering had it chosen to accept all the money being waved in its direction.

The sentiments fan fears that the volume of investment flowing into sectors such as renewable energy and clean water is outstripping the ability of these still nascent industries to absorb it.

...Mr Dwane says that Conergy of Germany, the largest solar energy company in Europe, is emblematic of potential future returns from the sector. “We think they have got a breakthrough technology that will double the efficiency of the solar panel,” he says. “Between now and 2009 we think Conergy will more than double their earnings....

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