Thursday, August 16, 2007

Rupert Murdoch's climate crusade

Readers of the The Sun, a British tabloid best known for its bare-breasted Page Three girls, opened their newspapers to see a young woman named Keeley Hazell wearing only green paint. Ms. Hazell is the face - well, not just the face - of the paper's campaign against global warming.

When subscribers to the British satellite TV provider BSkyB order new set-top boxes, some installers now also deliver, at no additional charge, three energy-efficient light bulbs and a low-flow shower head....

More from Marc Gunther, writing for Fortune via CNN Money

Here's Keely's green page 3 shot.
In the words of Homer Simpson "Boobies".

Here's Smithers and Mr. Burns on Rupert Murdoch:
Burns-"...Rupert Murdoch, he's one beautiful man."
Smithers-"I couldn't agree more".

Here's the Simpsons on "Fox News and the liberal media."

Here's the green Mr. Murdoch. No Greenie come lately, he.

Here's Rupert's green head shot.

Here's the topless Mr. Murdoch. (I think)