Friday, August 17, 2007

Investing in Solar Energy Stocks (Read this first)

Editor Elizabeth Corcoran at Forbes has a nine-part special on the solar industry that is the best topical online resource I've seen:

The Sunshine Economy
Solar power is the ultimate alchemy, using what's free to create something valuable. Over the next 25 years solar is expected to be the fastest-growing alternative source of electric energy.

But it is complex, expensive magic and has burned many entrepreneurs and investors in the past. With clean power in great demand, and fresh capital coming in from governments and capital markets, the solar economy is again humming with new materials, ideas, designs and business plans.

Solar now meets only a 0.1% sliver of our electricity needs, but opportunities for growth and invention, as this year's E-gang members show, are bright.

Introduction: The Sunshine Economy
Elizabeth Corcoran
The new players in solar power generate golden returns (really).

Seeking The Light
Elizabeth Corcoran
Applied Materials gets a charge out of building tools for solar cell makers.

Light And Heat
Claire Cain Miller
Grit and determination produced Nevada Solar One, the first solar thermal plant built in 16 years.

Beyond Silicon
Kerry A. Dolan
Trying to break the solar industry's expensive silicon habit.

Crystal Craving
Tim Kelly
Kyocera, the world's third-largest solar panel maker, strives to keep its silicon edge.

Sunny Optimist
Daniel Fisher
The solar giant Conergy AG has conquered Germany. Next up: the rest of the world.

A Trick of the Light
Elizabeth Corcoran
Making the solar cell more efficient.

Under The Spotlight: Fred Morse
Claire Cain Miller
The longtime king of the solar thermal industry foresees a near-future where solar is economically competitive with fossil fuels.

Paying For Panels
Kerry A. Dolan
Financiers are making it easier for corporate customers to afford solar installations.

This is good. I'll have comments this weekend.