Monday, August 13, 2007

Insurance claims estimates for UK floods

It looks like $ 7 billion minimum, although this line surprised me
" biggest UK flood bill in 20 years"

From Reuters
...The Association of British Insurers said on July 23 that insurers face their biggest UK flood bill in 20 years, with claims set to top 2 billion pounds. It estimated claims from July would run into hundreds of millions of pounds, on top of an estimated bill of 1.5 billion pounds from floods in June that caused chaos in Sheffield, Hull and Doncaster. * Credit rating agency Fitch Ratings said on July 24 that the total cost to insurers of the two flood waves could exceed 3 billion pounds. * Risk Management Solutions said on July 24 that the floods could cost 2 billion pounds. It increased that estimate on July 30 to as much as 3.25 billion pounds...