Friday, August 3, 2007

Hurricane News

Margie Kieper is filling in at Dr. Jeff Masters Wunder Blog.
I checked in to see if she had any comments on the revised Colorado State forecast released today.

Just this: "The Colorado State Univeristy forecast will be out shortly and numbers have been reduced from 17/8/4 to 15/8/4."

She ended with
"In other words, there is no tropical activity of note in the North Atlantic, so relax and enjoy the weekend."

More interesting was this:
...The wolf purchased an ACME Do-It-Yourself Hurricane Kit from his friend Wiley E, and generated a storm surge that washed away the brick house and the three pigs with it.
a) the three little pigs didn't have a hurricane plan
b) the three little pigs didn't evacuate
c) don't build for wind in a surge zone

Every year now, we see news articles about coastal surveys, that seem to indicate a lot of people living on the coast aren't ready for hurricane season. Whether that is the case or not, one of the things from this year's survey noted was, "One out of three (34%) do not know if their home is located in an evacuation zone." Well there are a lot of things that remain to be fixed or improved regards hurricane preparation on the coast, but this is one that can be taken care of!

And that's the weather, back to you Skippy.