Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Funniest Comment on WSJ/News (off-topic)

And wouldn't you know it comes from a commenter (Dado) at the Gawker:

"The Onion didn't change that much when Kolb took over.

Our Climateer Investing DJNWS Line of the Day award goes to Dado
(commenter since 2006, presentation of this award does not imply that the views expressed by the commenter reflect the views of the management of Climateer Investing, your mileage will vary, possible side effects may include incontinence)

First runnerup, also commenting at Gawker, wouldn't cha know, Spit:

"Dado-- the problem is the way the media is today, the only thing left after the top-tier papers crumble is... Gawker. Cool and everything, but not quite as strong on the stock options backdating beat, for example."