Saturday, August 4, 2007

Funds say green is the color of money

The fight to save the planet from climate change is attracting a glut of new funds and money-raising as investors look for companies expected to profit from global warming and climate policies.

Established green funds, and new ones, are hot-footing around the city looking for money to invest in well-performing "green" or "clean tech" stocks, involved in low carbon energy like wind and solar, and other technologies in water and waste....

...Green sector stocks have generally performed well: Britain's largest 100 environmentally-focused stocks grew 20 percent between last August and June, according to the EnviroDaq index.

But is all the investment money making any difference to climate change?

"It's tip of the iceberg stuff in terms of climate impact because renewable energy worldwide is still around 2 to 3 percent of energy production, so not making a huge difference, but that's double where it was five years ago so it's a big increase in absolute terms," said Bruce Jenkyn-Jones, director of investments at Impax....

From Reuters