Thursday, August 9, 2007

EU carbon price could crash again

But first some market commentary from a margin clerk: AAARRRGGG

From Reuters:

The price to emit the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide faces a repeat of its price crash last year on the European Union's carbon trading scheme, said a report by a London-based group opposed to closer EU political integration.

The report was attacked by some carbon market participants and lobbyists.

In 2006 the EU carbon price collapsed after it emerged that businesses had received too many permits to emit carbon dioxide, called EU allowances (EUAs), undermining the 27-nation bloc's flagship climate change strategy.

..."Much of what is said in the Open Europe report represents a cherry-picking of the facts to support a politically motivated conclusion that the ETS, the central plank of the 27 EU Member States' considered environmental policy, is a policy failure," said Adam Nathan, a spokesman for London Climate Change Services, a lobby group.