Thursday, August 9, 2007

Does eco-Coke help?

No it's not organic blow, although... saay. With some slick marketing/positioning it would be a natch in Hollywood.
There's your green business idea for the day!

...Coca-Cola has, for example, increased its water use efficiency by 19 percent since 2002. It has been studying how to improve "efficiency, life-cycle effectiveness and eco-innovation of the company's packaging," an initiative that already saved 89,000 metric tons of glass last year alone - "the equivalent of planting 13,000 acres of trees," the press release says.

Ridiculous. They did not "save" 89,000 tons of glass last year, and to equate it to the planting of 13,000 acres of trees is ludicrous. Coca-Cola peddles a product that is unhealthy and wasteful on every level. Just because they've done it for years doesn't make it all right. To congratulate them for doing anything other than stopping production and recognizing the error of their ways is foolish.

That's a bit harsh.
The reporter didn't even mention the $20 mil. KO paid to the WWF.

From the IHT