Thursday, August 9, 2007

Belarus Pays Gazprom Bill For Russian Natural Gas In Full

If I were the EU I would be very concerned.

...Gazprom threatened last Wednesday to slash gas supplies to Belarus by 45% over the debt, accumulated since Russia more than doubled the price it charges its ex-Soviet neighbor for gas. Minsk caved in to pressure...

Russia, which provides for a quarter of Europe's gas needs, pumps its gas to the continent through a vast network of pipelines passing through Ukraine, and to a lesser extent Belarus. The pricing dispute provoked fears of another supply interruption in the European Union, reminiscent of a gas spat between Gazprom and Kiev at the beginning of last year.

From RIA Novosti via Energy Daily

Here's another RIA Novosti story:

Gazprom could become world's richest company-Medvedev