Friday, April 26, 2024

"Huawei Revs Up Intelligent Driving Push With Software Launch"

Huawei is taking their profits from the phone business and doing a lot of investing in their futuretech. I just wish they had done the lasers on sharks thing.

From AsiaFinancial, April 24:

The Chinese tech firm has also launched seven EV models in partnership with domestic automakers as it bids to become a major player in the sector

Chinese tech giant Huawei has unveiled a new intelligent driving software brand which it’s aiming to see installed in 500,000 vehicles before the end of the year.

The new brand, Qiankun, symbolising a combination of heaven and the Kunlun Mountains, plans to provide self-driving systems involving the driving chassis, audio and driver’s seat, Jin Yuzhi, CEO of Huawei’s Intelligent Automotive Solution (IAS) business unit, said during an event on Wednesday ahead of the Beijing auto show.

“2024 will be the first year for mass commercialisation of smart driving and the cumulative number of cars on road equipped with the Huawei self-driving system will top 500,000 by the year-end,” Jin said.

He also expected within a year more than 10 car models adopting Huawei’s Qiankun system would hit the market.

The Shenzhen-based tech conglomerate launched its smart car unit in 2019 with the aim that it could become the equivalent of German automotive supplier Bosch of the intelligent EV era and supply software and components to partners....


There's also this yesterday, Reuters via Yahoo Finance:

A group of Chinese chip companies led by Huawei Technologies and backed by the country's government aims to produce high-bandwidth memory (HBM) semiconductors, a key component in AI chips by 2026, The Information reported on Thursday....


Chips: "Huawei building vast chip equipment R&D center in Shanghai"
At the moment I don't think ASML has to worry but U.S. policymakers should be dusting off their contingency plans. They have contingency plans, right? I think they're in the same drawer as the CDC's pandemic response folder....

And the sharks?

....And us? Among other things we were linking to stuff like: "'More BP Gulf Oil Spill Conspiracies Flourish -- From Algae Farms to Armed Dolphins' (APC; BP; HAL; RIG)"

Which reminds me, I should probably follow up on the Chinese Security Law posts which for some reason included this tidbit:

‘At Huawei, we’re not attaching laser beams to the heads of sharks’
—Alykhan Velshi, Vice President, Corporate Affairs, Huawei Technologies Canada, Markham, Ont.
Letter to the Editor, Maclean's Magazine, published July 23, 2019
Personally I think laser-enhanced sharks would be kind of cool, it's the required handing over of data should the Chinese government request it that gives one pause.

Recapitulated in "Forget sharks with lasers, NASA kits out an elephant seal with a sensor-studded skullcap"

Nice hat, she's all set for a day at the races.
From The Register, December 6:
'Check out my great new hat! Sensors are so hot right now!'. 
Image Credit: Sorbonne University/Etienne Pauthenet