Friday, April 19, 2024

"Deja flu? Alert over spread of mystery pneumonia 'that has sickened dozens of healthy people in Argentina'"

As noted in a January 2023 retrospective post on the covid timeline:

Although ZeroHedge and others had been posting on the rumors and stories coming out of China in late 2019, this was the tweet and the story that got me to start paying attention.

And from the Daily Mail, April 18:

  • Doctors suggested up to a third of cases showed signs of psittacosis

A mystery respiratory illness has hospitalised dozens of people in Argentina in an outbreak that shares eerie similarities with Covid's arrival.

Sixty patients have been sickened with 'severe atypical pneumonia' in the capital, Buenos Aires. 

An alert about the cluster of cases was last night circulated via an international public health surveillance system.

Covid was brought to the attention of the world in late 2019 as a result of the same database, called ProMed....


Although the 'timeline' post focused on December 2019, evidence is coming to light that something was up in August-September 2019. As noted in a December 2023 post, we are not actively seeking references pre-January 2020, just adding those that pop up to a database:

Researcher Who Developed Chinese Covid Vaccine Probably Thrown Off Roof
For the last 3 1/2 years I've been keeping an eye open for hints that the lab leak (notice no one is talking about pangolins or bat soup any more?) was known to the NIAID/gain-of-function/state security organs gang before September 2019. Not searching it out but trying to be aware of the dates being pushed back to the fall and summer of 2019.

This report may be part of the puzzle of who knew what, when and who might have profited from the ructions in various types of markets that began in September 2019....