Thursday, June 1, 2023

"Nvidia to turn Taiwan into a world-class AI hub" (NVDA)

An in-depth look at NVDA from Asia Times, May 31:

Graphic chip maker plans to build AI research center in Taiwan while continuing product sale to mainland China 

Nvidia, a California-based graphic processing unit maker, is going to build a world-class artificial intelligence research center in Taiwan to accelerate its Omniverse project, a computing platform that supports 3D applications.

The announcement was made after the United States firm’s share price surged 24.6% to US$380.6 in a single day on May 24. On Tuesday, the valuation of Nvidia hit $1 trillion, making it the first US chipmaker to join the trillion-dollar club.

Because of this, Nvidia’s founder and chief executive Jensen Huang quickly gained the nickname “One-trillion man” in Taiwan, on top of his reputed status as the “godfather of AI.”

Nvidia’s shares had dropped by 50.3% to $146.14 at the end of last year from $291.11 a year earlier as the US kept tightening the export of high-end chips to China. Last August, the US government banned Nvidia from selling its A100 and H100 chips to China and Russia.

The shares have rebounded by 166% so far this year as the company vowed to invest in AI technology.

Nvidia will hire 1,000 people and invest up to TWD24.3 billion (US$790 million) in its new AI research center, or AI University, which will be jointly managed by the National Taiwan University. It has secured a subsidy of TWD6.7 billion from the Taiwanese government for this project....


We'll mark that down as a "no" to decoupling.