Friday, June 23, 2023

Big Money: Agriculture In The Ukraine Development Fund

From Dnipro's APK-Inform Analytic and Information Agency, June 22:

"Agriculture will be the main focus of the Ukraine Development Fund" 

Agriculture will become one of the main areas that will be taken care of by the recently created the Ukraine Development Fund (UDF), the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine reported.

"The UDF will focus on five key sectors of the Ukrainian economy – energy, infrastructure, agriculture, manufacturing and IT, covering a potential investment market of more than $50 bln for private capital," the statement said.

The UDF was created as a national financial development institution sponsored by the Ukrainian Ministry of Economy. It will complement the work of other international institutions by increasing the number of quality investment opportunities for private capital to participate in the reconstruction of Ukraine. BlackRock’s Financial Markets Advisory group provides free consultations to the Ministry of Economy.....

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Here's the latest from the Government, June 21:
Ministry of Economy of Ukraine announces further details on the establishment of the Ukraine Development Fund (UDF)

And if interested, a few dozen of our posts are linked in March 2023's "Big Money: "Who Really Benefits from the Creation of a Land Market in Ukraine?":

I've said the reason Pyatt and Nuland and the rest of the American gang facilitated the Maidan coup was to get at the farmland. That's a bit of an exaggeration but not by much.

Along with pushing against Russia, getting a piece of the oligarch's loot and, dream of dreams, turning Crimea into the headquarters of the U.S. Black Sea Fleat, it is just a piece of the picture, which is now coming into focus: the economic shock therapy that was applied to the Russian part of the Soviet Union will now strip Ukraine of its assets. And then perhaps move on to Poland and definitely liberate the assets of Germany.

If you follow these things, one of the interesting tidbits of the Nord Stream 2 sabotage is the fact that Jeffrey Sachs, one of the Harvard Boys who wreaked Havoc on the Russian economy in the 1990's is at the forefront of those calling for an honest investigation of who blew-up the pipeline. Go figure.

But I'm getting ahead of the story. Right now it is the land that matters, matters so much that the International Monetary Fund has made selling land to foreigners one of the conditions for the multi-billion-dollar loans that Ukraine has been receiving since the Maidan coup....

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