Wednesday, November 23, 2022

"Google is toughening its performance reviews to identify 10,000 low performers. Employees fear layoffs are next" (GOOG)

If Twitter is any indication, there must be 20,000 - 30,000 people at Alphabet who don't do much of anything. And it appears the ZeroInterestRatePolicy free-ride is coming to an end.

From Fortune, November 23:

As if performance reviews weren’t already positioned to be stressful enough in a year shadowed by exhaustive debates around return to office, lost productivity, and the future of work, employees at Google are bracing for ramped up work anxiety as the Silicon Valley giant intensifies its performance review process for the end of the year.

Google, The Information reported earlier last week, has asked managers to identify 6% of employees—roughly 10,000 people—as “low performers” in terms of their impact on the company’s bottom line. The old system asked them to identify 2% of underperforming employees. This means that the number of people able to score high marks, whatever that actually looks like, gets smaller.

Coming on the heels of thousands of cuts across the tech industry, employees are nervous.

One staffer told Insider of layoff speculation at the company that “Leadership hasn’t ruled it out when pressed, but they haven’t given any indication it’ll happen either.”....


 Compare/contrast with company founder who ends up doing five things at once because 168 hours in a week just aren't enough. It is such a different mindset.