Thursday, December 30, 2021

The FT's 404 Page

One of the commenters on the Twitter thread in yesterday's "Izabella Kaminska Has Questions" was Merryn Somerset Webb, editor-in-chief of MoneyWeek. Among the links in her Twitter profile is "" which redirects to the FT's 404 page. I had forgotten how funny that particular error message is:


The page you are trying to access does not exist.

This might be because you have entered the web address incorrectly or the page has moved.

We apologise for any inconvenience.

Why wasn't this page found?

We asked some leading economists.

Stagflation i
The cost of pages rose drastically, while the page production rate slowed down.
General economics
There was no market for it.
Liquidity traps
We injected some extra money into the technology team but there was little or no interest so they simply kept it, thus failing to stimulate the page economy.
Pareto inefficiency
There exists another page that will make everyone better off without making anyone worse off.
Supply and demand i
Demand increased and a shortage occurred.
Classical economics
There is no such page. We are not going to interfere.
Keynesian economics
Aggregate demand for this page did not necessarily equal the productive capacity of the website.
Malthusianism i
Unchecked, exponential page growth outstripped the pixel supply. There was a catastrophe, and now the population is at a lower, more sustainable level.....

....MUCH MORE, like Ravel's Bolero, it just keeps building and building.