Monday, December 27, 2021

"Autonomous Truck Software Platforms Advance"

 From ElectricalEngineering Times, December 27:

Among my favorite topics is presenting pictorial views of autonomous vehicles (AV) software platforms and their partners, customer and related relationships. I often get update requests, and will therefore begin with the status of autonomous truck platform.

AVs for goods delivery have become a major focus for many software platform developers since the pandemic reordered human activities. Goods AVs include multiple autonomous truck use cases and several last-mile delivery scenarios. I’ll cover only autonomous trucks, excluding last-mile use cases such as sidewalk AVs and Nuro-type dedicated goods AVs.

There are at least four factors in determining the status of autonomous truck platforms—key investors along with truck OEM, trucking and logistics and retailer partners.

The chart below lists nine autonomous truck software platforms for each of the four categories organized as one row of information for each category. In some cases, blocks are empty.

Other AV software platforms are likely to be added to future versions of this chart. For instance, GM Cruise and are planning to enter some goods AV segments, but there is limited data to classify their activities.

The AV software platforms are listed first in shades of red with the hardware platform in blue where available.

Key investors mostly include auto and transportation-related companies. Venture capitalists and other investors are also very important, but are not included here. Three AV software companies went public in 2021—Aurora, Embark and TuSimple.....

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