Friday, December 31, 2021

Hide Your Checkbook: Knaves, Varlets, Scoundrels and Rogues of 2021

From FT Alphaville: 

Person of Interest 2021: The Longlist
An annual celebration of cancellation
Cathie Wood
Ark Invest

Diamond-handed insolvetech sibyl whose bold predictions have included, “the stocks I bought will go up” and “the stocks I bought that are going down will also in the future go up.” [Stonk market update — FT Alphaville] 


Tony Pialis
Alphawave IP
The most enthusiastic promoter of interdependent affairs to be exported by Canada since Ashley Madison.

Bill Hwang
Archegos Capital

The closest 2021 came to a systemically critical blow-up would have been avoided had even one person involved followed the general principles set out in the small print of spread betting adverts. [‘He never struck me as a big risk-taker’ — FT] 


they were working overtime down at ye olde varlet smithy