Monday, December 20, 2021

"IEA urges India and China to put climate pledges into action as coal power generation reaches record levels"

From CityAM, December 17:

The International Energy Agency has called on China and India to reduce coal power generation and put their climate pledges into action, describing both countries as “holding the key to future coal demand”.

The world’s two largest coal producers – with economies that account for nearly three billion people combined – are currently responsible for two-thirds of coal demand: the dirtiest form of energy.

Both countries were heavily criticised last month for watering down coal pledges at the COP26 climate summit, altering the phrasing of agreed plans to cut coal consumption from “phase out” to “phase down” over the next two decades.

The energy agency argues there is a disconnect between the commitments made by both countries, and their continued reliance on coal energy.

Keisuke Sadamori, director of energy markets and security, said: “The pledges to reach net zero emissions made by many countries, including China and India, should have very strong implications for coal – but these are not yet visible in our near-term forecast, reflecting the major gap between ambitions and action.”

Sadamori’s urgent criticism accompanied the IEA’s latest annual coal report, which gloomily revealed that coal power generation has soared to worldwide record levels this year.

After falling over the past two calendar years amid a global push towards renewables and the volatility of the pandemic, global power generation from coal is expected to jump by nine per cent in 2021 to a new peak of 10,350 terawatt-hours....


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