Tuesday, January 26, 2021

"The EU just approved mealworms for human consumption. Will Ÿnsect take the bait?"

 No. No to worms.

Maybe termites, if the hydrogen biofactory experiments don't work out. Crunchy.

And yes to gratuitous umlauts.

From AgFunder News, January 14:

On Wednesday, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) announced its approval of mealworms for human consumption. The ruling opens the gateway for the growing startup industry around insect protein to tap into a new market.

The EFSA conducted a safety assessment to determine whether there are any risks associated with letting people eat mealworms. The favorable assessment still needs to be confirmed by the European Commission’s Health Directorate General, which will give the final authorization for market approval in the EU.

Nevertheless, this makes mealworms the first bug to receive a positive safety evaluation for human consumption in the world, according to French insect farming startup Ÿnsect – though the EFSA decision doesn’t necessarily make the EU a trailblazer.

“In Asian countries, people already eat insects, but they are not under a ‘novel food’ type of regulation,” Ÿnsect CEO Antoine Hubert tells AFN.

Vietnam’s Cricket One, for example, is making burger patties out of crickets, which it breeds and raises using “highly autonomous,” efficiency-focused technologies. It closed a pre-Series A funding in November 2020.

Although diners in other parts of the world may not be particularly thrilled about the idea of eating insects, the ingredient has gained a lot of traction in the livestock feed and pet food space. Touting the ability to produce protein more efficiently with fewer resources and less acreage, some see the tiny critters as having a very large role in the world’s future protein needs.

Among them is Ÿnsect, which extended its Series C raise to $372 million in October 2020, and claims to be the highest-funded insect farming startup in the game....


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