Monday, January 18, 2021

Huge Food Inflation In Singapore

From PoAndPo Agrifish, who seem to think Singapore is still part of Malaya.
(just kidding, Singapore imports a lot of its food from Malaysia; Malaya was an artificial British construct), January 12:
Floods in Malaysia drive up price of food fast
The price of vegetables and fish are going up across the board at wet markets in Singapore, with some vegetables costing about twice as much as they were just weeks ago.
The Straits Times visited five wet markets on Tuesday and vendors said poor weather conditions in Malaysia has caused a shortage in supplies as farms are flooded, resulting in poor crop output.
At the Pasir Ris and Ghim Moh Road Market & Food Centre, the price of tomatoes has almost doubled, from $2 per kilogram to $3 per kilogram.

A market vendor in Tekka Centre said his cost price for tomatoes has more than doubled from $12 per 10kg to $28, while a vendor in Pasir Ris said his supplies for the vegetable now cost $32 per 10kg, up from about $10....MORE