Sunday, January 24, 2021

"Excusez-moi: UK set to surge past French economy in decade to come"

This is a month old but may be relevant, depending on French politics and British vaccinations.

Europe could really use French technology to kick into high gear as Germany's export economy increasingly runs into Chinese competition in previously sacrosanct fields, i.e. automobiles, high-tech metalworking etc.

From CityAM:, December 27:

The UK’s economy is set to remain the fifth largest in the world, according to a respected annual report, and to surge ahead of cross-channel rivals despite Brexit.

The Centre for Economics and Business Research’s annual tally of the world’s leading economies sees the UK retake fifth place from India.

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And by 2035, the researchers assess, Britain’s economy will be some 23 per cent larger than France.

Douglas McWilliams, Deputy Chair of the CEBR, pointed to the UK’s strengths in digital and creative services as evidence of the country’s future-proofed economic strength.

“We have a huge competitive advantage in this tech0based sector which the pandemic has kicked forward. Most of this is pretty Brexit-proof provided the UK continues to attract talented people,” he said....MORE