Thursday, July 25, 2019

Attempting To Cross The English Channel Franky Zapata's Hoverboard Ends Up In The Water

Practice your Gallic shrug, the opportunity to use it is coming up in 3...2...1
From National Public Radio:

Franky Zapata Falls In English Channel Trying To Cross It On High-Speed Hoverboard 
A French daredevil known for his souped-up hoverboard tried to glide over the English Channel on Thursday — but he ended up in the soup. Franky Zapata's jet-powered contraption sent him into the water when he tried to refuel more than halfway across the Channel.

At a press conference, Zapata said that while the airborne mission was cut short, it was worth it for pushing his body to the limit, perhaps enabling him to be more prepared for his next attempt.
He planned to cross the channel from northern France to southern England in just 20 minutes on his "flyboard," with an average speed of up to nearly 90 miles per hour. Halfway through the trip, though, he ended up plunging into the water.

The board couldn't compensate for choppy waves when Zapata attempted to land on a platform aboard a refueling boat, tumbling him into the water.

"So we fell," Zapata said. "We are sad about that."...
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Here's his website,
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